Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The other day, I hooked up with a guy at my new gym for the first time. The showers have no curtains (they're just open stalls), so when I was showering, I kept peeking out to see who was coming in and out of the shower room and the steam room. I saw a hot older guy probably in his late 40s and we made eye contact. He ended up coming and taking a shower in a stall across from me where he could clearly see me peeking at him and see my rock hard cock. He left first and went into the steam room and I quickly followed.

After a little initial awkwardness, we started to stroke each other before I leaned over and sucked him. We played for a little while before I brought my knees up and gave him access to my hole. He fingered me a little bit while I jerked off and blew my load all over myself. Unfortunately, I was late for a meeting, so I had to leave promptly after that. But it's nice to know that friskiness does occur in this gym.

Two nights ago, I also met up with a daddy that I hadn't seen in about three years. It was nice to reconnect with him. The first (and only) time we hooked up, we met in his hotel room and blew each other; nothing too crazy. This time, in our correspondence prior to meeting, we discussed what we might get into. We discussed the possibility of a few things, including fucking and a little watersports experimentation, something I have never done. I kind of hinted at the idea of fucking raw, saying things like how I want him to fill me up and whatnot, but I never came right out and said it (and neither did he), so I didn't know where he stood on that.

We finally met up one late night at his hotel. Lots of mutual oral and intense kissing and body contact. I started giving him a really thorough blowjob and I brought him close to cumming. In our correspondence, he had said that he wanted to cum once from oral sex and again from fucking, so I figured this was #1, so I blew him to orgasm and swallowed his load. But since it was late and he had been working all day, he was tired. We rested and took a little nap before waking up and trying for round two. He was semi-hard and so I finally told him I wanted him inside me. He got out the lube, lubed himself up and tried to fuck me... without a condom! It was nice to know we were on the same page. But unfortunately, it just wasn't working, so we didn't end up fucking that night. We did, however, decide that the next time we meet up, we will start with a hot fuck session that ends with his load deep in my hole. I can't wait!

I haven't been fucked in a long time. I really need it. My "usual" daddies have been busy lately and unavailable to give me the dick. I'm going crazy without it!