Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new guy.

I need to apologize. I've been terrible at updating this blog. I just have been very busy lately. Life comes at you fast!

The other night, I got fucked by a new daddy I've been seeing lately. He's very sexy; he is in his late 50s and is very cultured and loves all sorts of art and music and whatnot... so we'll call him Artsy.

Artsy fucked me twice that night. (Both times, he fucked me with a condom.) We started in the living room on the couch with heavy kissing, touching, rubbing, grinding. Then we were tearing each other's clothes off, kissing harder, biting, scratching each other. It was so hot. Then, we migrated to the bedroom for some sucking and fucking. The fucking was really intense. I started being really loud and yelling at him to fuck me harder... which became screaming at him to plow me harder and faster... which became yelling and screaming at him to rape me and hurt me. I have this rape fantasy that I have yet to have fulfilled to the extent of what I imagine, but it involves being relentlessly pounded and forced and manhandled. Ooh, I start dripping just thinking about it...

So, yeah... He fucked me really good twice. The first time, he didn't cum, but I shot my load while he was fucking me with my legs on his shoulders. We relaxed for a bit, and then began fooling around again, which led to another round of terrific fucking. That time, he shot his load all over my chest. Then he laid down next to me and, at my request, fingered my hole while I jerked off. I was in the mood for some serious fingering, so I kept urging him to push his fingers into me deeper (and he got SOOO deep), then to add more fingers. By the end, he had four of his thick fingers in my hole as far as they would go. Holy shit. I never shot such a huge load. I was literally shaking during and after my orgasm.

The next morning, I awoke to him spooning me from behind, rubbing his cock on my ass and touching me all over. This led to a third round of fucking, but this time it was raw. (It wasn't the first time we fucked bareback; actually, every time we've fucked, it started with condoms and then later we would end up fucking bare. Oh, well. Never had him cum in me, though. Not yet...) I wanted him inside of me really badly, so I just lubed him up and threw my legs on his shoulders and he slipped it in. Oh, it was heaven. He flipped me over and pounded me from behind for a little while until he was tired (it was very early in the morning). We jerked off and touched each other until he shot his load on me and my load joined his all over me soon after. He got up while I went back to sleep, but before I left later that afternoon, we had one more jerk-off session. We were both naked and he touched me and played with my butt while I jerked myself to a fourth and final orgasm.

That may have been one of the most fantastic fuck-a-thons I've ever experienced in my 19 years.