Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ahhh, yes. I got fucked good the other night by Prof. Daddy. He had contacted me and asked if I was available, so I went over. It had been some time since I got fucked last, and I needed it.

We got into bed and started kissing and touching each other, wearing only our underwear. It wasn't long before we took those off. Lots of deep kissing, rubbing, grinding. He rolled on top of me and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he rubbed our cocks together. After a while, I rolled on top of him and rubbed my ass on his cock. Then, I moved down and sucked on it for a while and tasted his precum. I finally couldn't wait any longer, so I got back on top of him, lubed up his cock, and slid it into me bare. I rode him really good and he thrusted up into me deep. After a while, he started fucking me from behind while I moaned and screamed into a pillow. I yelled for him to keep fucking me, and I kept asking if he liked fucking me bareback. He plowed and plowed my ass until I begged him like a whore to shoot his load into me and, boy, did he ever. He thrusted so deep into me and let his cum flow inside my hole. He was so drained of energy that he sort of laid down on top of me while he was still in my ass. He finally pulled out and I could feel his cum leaking out of my hole. I flipped over onto my back and he fingered my wet, cummy hole while I jerked off and shot my own load all over my chest.

Later that night, we fucked again. My legs were on his shoulders and he fucked me for a good while until he came once more inside of me and I shot another load all over myself.

Monday, September 10, 2007

summer recap.

What a summer I had. I had a lot of sex, but it wasn't with anyone I know. Not once did I hook up with any of my usual fucks from home. This wasn't intentional; it just happened that way. But I did discover a bathhouse that is roughly an hour from my home and I made sure to frequent it. I'd say I went there ten times or so over the summer. I fucked my way all over that place. I had some mindblowing sex there.

1. There was a guy in his early 20s, foreign, and incredibly hot. He followed me to my room and we made out for about ten minutes before we even touched each other anywhere. We sucked each other for a long time before I let him fuck me really good with his big cock (it was protected). I shot my load while he was in me, and he shot his in the condom while he was deep in my ass. We cuddled for a while, and then he sat on my cock bare and rode it until I shot my load on my chest and he squirted out another one. All in all, we were together for almost two hours in my room, just kissing and having sex. Nothing was rushed or hurried; it was fantastic.

2. There was a man that was at the bathhouse on a few of the times I went. He was mid-30s, tall, shaved head, nice body. The first time we had sex was in this little dark room they had. I fucked him up his ass bare and dumped a load in him. I fucked him on five or so other occasions in various places, leaving my load in his ass each time. He loved it so much.

I got fucked a lot, mostly by older guys, ranging from mid-40s to early-60s... the age range that I LOVE. Only one or two times did I ever let any of them slip it in bare. Even those times, I let them put it in raw, but after a few strokes, I made them put on a condom. So, no loads in my ass this summer. But I'm fine with that. I didn't want to get breeded by any random guys, no matter how tempting the idea may have been.

Just before I left home to return to college, I had a serious urge for some cock, but it was too late to drive an hour to the bathhouse. So, I went to a local rest stop to see if I could pick up a trucker (something I've never done). I had no luck, but that didn't stop me. I was driving down the highway when I passed an 18-wheeler. Something inside me said to try and I did. I pulled up ahead of the 18-wheeler and tapped my brakes so the lights flashed at him. He flashed his high beams to acknowledge me. I let him pass and I immediately started following him. He flashed his lights later and I flashed mine back just to let him know that I was following him. After a few miles, he pulls into another rest stop. I followed him, parked, and went into the bathroom. This whole time, I was hoping and praying that he would be interested and be somewhat attractive. When he walked in, I was stunned. He was absolutely gorgeous; mid-30s, muscular build, blonde hair. I moved to the urinal next to him to make sure he was interested and he flashed me his enormous 10-inch and incredibly thick cock. He asked if I wanted it and I responded affirmatively and he said to follow him to his truck.

We got in the truck and he took off all of his clothes, except for the jockstrap he was wearing. I took of my jeans and underwear. He laid down on the bed in the back and I serviced his huge cock for a good ten minutes until he shot his load in and on my mouth. I kept playing with it at it went soft and it soon started to grow again. I sucked him for another ten minutes until I told him to fuck my face. We switched places and he sat on my chest and fucked my mouth. I begged him to squirt on my face and he did not disappoint. As I left his truck, I did the Walk of Shame that I love so much, except this time it was a bit different. I had to walk through the parking lot, full of cars with people in them, in order to get to my car. In case they were suspicious of where I was coming from and what I was doing, I suggestively wiped the corners of my mouth and licked my fingers. After that, I went home.

I have yet to hook up with anyone since then, but trust me, once I do, you'll be the first to know. ;)

Friday, September 7, 2007


I have returned.

I will post my sexual encounters once they actually start happening. It's still a little hectic since I just got back, but don't you fret.