Wednesday, May 30, 2007

out of town.

For the summer, I am back in my hometown, which is not in the state of New York. My posts will, most likely, be even less frequent than they have been, but I will still update from time-to-time with stories of hookups and sexual encounters that happen here... or wherever I am. But don't fret; I will be back in NYC come September.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I was horny last night, so I was cruising on Craigslist. I posted an ad and a guy that had replied to previous ads of mine replied to this one, too. He's mid-to-late 20s and very cute. We exchanged emails and did all that stuff and agreed to meet up.

I showed up at his building and we went up to his apartment. We walked into his room and he took off his pants and laid down on the bed. I immediately got down and starting sucking him. In the middle of giving him head, he asked me to take off my pants. He didn't touch me or anything, but I guess he just wanted me to take them off. I continued sucking him for, probably, ten minutes or so. Then he told me to rub my ass on his cock, so I got on top of him and started grinding my ass on his cock. He grabbed my hips and started rocking them and he ended up slipping the head of his cock in my ass. I let him keep it in for a little bit, but then I got off of him and went back to sucking; I wasn't in the mood to get fucked. I sucked him for a few more minutes and then told him that I wanted his load on my face. He told me to lay on my back. He knelt beside me and had me suck him while he played with my balls and my ass. Suddenly, and seemingly at the speed of light, he lifted my legs onto his shoulders and attempted to slip his cock into my ass. I managed to stop him, but part of me couldn't resist, so I let him in me a little bit. But after that, I told him I couldn't. So, he pulled out and I sucked him some more... but I just needed it, so I told him to fuck me. He got right back into that position and slammed himself into me in one stroke. I started to stroke myself and moan loudly and he covered my mouth with his hand while pumping away at my hole. He asked me if I was ready for my cum and I attempted to say "No," but he told me that I was going to take it. I shook my head because I didn't want him to cum inside of me, but then he groaned, "Here it comes," and he pushed himself all the way in me and dumped his load in my ass. I proceeded to shoot my load on myself.

He pulled out of me, grabbed a towel, and wiped off his cock. I stood up, took the towel, and cleaned myself up a bit before becoming slightly frozen. I stood there for a few moments with my legs shaking uncontrollably, thinking about what had just happened. I put on my clothes and showed myself out. Neither of us said one word to each other. I only waved without a smile as I left.

I don't know if what happened constitutes as a form of rape, but I know that part of me enjoyed it and another part of me wishes I could go back and change it.