Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've been gone a long while. Please forgive me.

In the meantime, I've been having a lot of good sex. I've also begun having sex with more guys around my age. For instance, I've been topping (I know... me, topping?) a boy who is my age. The fun thing is: he loves it raw. I visit him and I just fuck him silly and he begs for me to blow my load inside him. So I do.

But what's really fun is what happened just the other day with a different boy. We'll call him Tall Boy. We met online on a regular dating site and he invited me over. We proceeded to drink, smoke weed and watch TV. All of a sudden, he leans over and starts kissing me. This kissing led to groping, which led to the speedy removal of clothes, which led directly to him fucking my brains out bareback.

Once he kissed me, there was no speaking whatsoever until we finished fucking about 25 minutes later. He just threw my legs in the air and began to push his cock into me dry. It took some effort and some relaxation on my part but he got it in. He plowed me like that for a good 15 minutes before flipping me over and slamming me from behind, balls deep. With each stroke, his cock directly hit my prostate, making this encounter, enhanced by the weed and the unexpected nature of it all, the best fuck I have ever had.

He was grabbing my hips, thrusting his thick 7.5" cut cock in and out of me all the way when he said he was going to cum. Like a true cumslut, I reached behind me, grabbed his ass and pulled him into me fully and let him spill his hot seed deep into my hungry hole.

After he finished shooting, he fucked me a little more for a minute or so before pulling out. Some of his cum leaked out of my wrecked, gaping hole and onto the floor.

We both discussed how taken aback we were by the whole experience but neither of us brought up the fact that he had breeded me and that I had encouraged him to do so. We've agreed to hang out again soon.

Also interesting: I didn't cum at all... and I was okay with that. Sometimes I can be such a power bottom.


Duo said...

Glad you're back! And that was a fucking HOT post. Love that you're topping! -Dan

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

That was the shortest, HOTTEST entry yet. 95% of the time, I prefer to not cum. How were u unable to with all that prostate slamming? Like how you grabbed his ass and pulled in deeper. HOT! And you are right, sometimes, it's just not necessary to talk about being breeding when it's just happened. Just wallow, roll with/in it, and absorb it.

Jnk Nswt said...

Welcome back! I'll move you from my "rarely updates" folder!

Hot post, too.

mtlpussyboi said...

fuck you gave me such an intense boner:) I'm so glad to have you back, im back too:)

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Oneuse said...

Great blog! Almost every post got me hard. Any chance that you'll come back to it?